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How to buy without VAT (0% VAT)

I. Eligibility

For regular customers, according to the law, we charge a 20% Romanian VAT tax. All prices shown in the websites, already include the 20% VAT tax.

However, there is an exception, to buy with 0% VAT. The exception is available only for commercial customers (companies) who fullfill the following 2 conditions:

1. The company is registered in a country that belongs to the European Union (EU).

2. The company is registered in the European VIES program. To check this, go to the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/ . Just choose your country and fill your company code.


II. How To

If your company is eligible, you will get a reduction of 20% of the prices shown on the site, by following the next steps:


Step 1. Add products to the shopping cart


Step 2. Use the following voucher code: vatnone


Step 3. Go to checkout page.


Step 4. Finalize order, with a reduction of 20%.


III. Important notes:

1.There are no limits on which to buy without VAT tax, just the regular 35 euro minimum order.

 2. Shipping fees will have the same value as for regular users, though the printed invoice will show correctly that there is 0% VAT applied for it. There are two reasons for this. The first one is that the shipping fees are paid to a local company, to which the 20% VAT is paid, and the second is that most of the time, the real shipping fees paid, are higher than shown on the website. So basically, the shipping value will remain the same though the VAT will be zero.

3. The legal and official invoice will be the printed version, which will be sent in the package. The invoice has the 0% VAT marked, plus the companies financial identification codes, for accounting reasons. Take into consideration, that due to some limitations of our software platform, the website interface is possible to show the 0% VAT as a normal discount voucher, instead of a VAT removal.

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