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Sticker "Wanderlust"

Sticker "Wanderlust"


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Sticker "Wanderlust"
Sticker "Wanderlust" Sticker "Wanderlust"

Sticker "Wanderlust"

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These uniquely created stickers will make your car stand out in a crowd.

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Sticker "Wanderlust"

Quantity : 1 piece

The stickers are made of high quality vinyl (ORACAL) and die-cut without white background.

NO BACKGROUND COLOR (background color represents your support of installation, so the car)

They are resistant to UV, external climatic factors and repeated washings.

Delivered under transfer paper to facilitate installation.

If possible, do not install below 15 degrees ambient temperature.

Each sticker/decal has 3 layers:
1. The top layer is the transfer tape
2. The middle layer is the vinyl decal
3. The bottom layer is the backing paper (that is peeled off first when installing)

For die-cut (cut out) decals, there are two types of installation methods. Dry Installation and Wet Installation.  We recommend the wet installation method for larger stickers/decals.

The wet installation method. The advantage for using the wet installation method is you can re-position the decal on your vehicle surface multiple times to get a desired position as long as the decal and surface is still wet. The disadvantage is that if you do not get all the application fluid out from underneath the decal and surface, your decal could peel and/or have water bubbles.

1.Remove all dirt, road grime, and wax from the area on the car that you are planning to put the decal so the vinyl has a good surface to cling to.

2.Fill a spray bottle with tap water and one drop of soap. This will be used to let you move the decal around after it has been placed on the car.

3.Remove the protective backing from the vinyl. As you are removing the vinyl, you want to spray the sticky side with the soapy water solution.

4.Spray the car thoroughly with the soapy water where the vinyl will be applied, then stick the vinyl onto the vehicle.

5.The vinyl should now be on the vehicle. The next step is to spray the outside of the vinyl (the transfer material) with water. This will be the buffer between the vinyl decal and the squeegee. Now you want to begin to take all of the air bubbles and wrinkles out by squeegeeing from the middle outward.

6.Slowly peel the transfer material from the face of the vinyl. If the vinyl should detach from the surface, squeegee that part down again.

7.Try to let the vinyl dry on the car for 24 hours before taking the car for a drive. This is usually not necessary, but is a good precaution to try and let the vinyl fully adhere to the vehicle.


The dry method will insure that your vinyl decal stays adhered to your vehicle surface. This is because there is no chance of application fluid being trapped between the vinyl decal and the vehicle surface leading to peeling and/or water bubbles. The only disadvantage to the dry installation method is you have only one chance to do the installation right, leaving no room for mistakes. Once the vinyl decal is applied to the vehicle surface, it can not be removed without damaging the vinyl. A lot of measuring and preparation is required to have a successful dry installation.

1.Clean the area that the vinyl will be applied. All dirt and wax must be removed to give the vinyl proper surface to adhere to.

2.Remove protective backing from vinyl.

3.Begin to apply vinyl to the vehicle. Make sure that you are ready because once the vinyl is down, it will be very hard to adjust. If you don't feel comfortable with this method, then see the instructions on how to apply vinyl using the wet method. It allows for the vinyl to be adjusted once it is laid down.

4.Start at one end of the vinyl and work your way to the other end, making sure not to leave any air bubbles on the part that has already been laid.

5.Slowly peel the transfer material from the face of the vinyl. If the vinyl should detach from the surface, squeegee that part down again.


Enjoy the new style and personal touch you’ve added to your vehicle!




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